Diplomat center

Address: 11 North Forest Ave, Apopka, FL 32703
Hours: Opens Sundays 9:30AM-12:30PM
Phone: (321) 396-2102
Our purpose is to help you to find your true identity, develop a kingdom mindset and become masters of a purpose driven life. We are dedicated to being a church that empowers you through the love of Jesus Christ to rediscover the kingdom, live a lifestyle of righteousness and find your God-given purpose.

Dr. Raymond Eneas is the founder and lead pastor of Church of Compassion, which will be known for its life-giving culture, focused on leading people into an intimate relationship with God, discovering their purpose and gain greater understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Our Motto is a passion for his presence


Transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change.


Loving God, Loving People, Developing Leaders and transforming lives. 

Road Map

Kingdom Law, Kingdom Culture & Kingdom Living.