pastoral Leadership

Drs. Dave And Angela Burrows


Pastors Dave and Angie Burrows began with Bahamas Faith Ministries as part of the initial founding group who partnered with Dr. Munroe in launching BFM. Pastor Dave and Dr. Munroe met at Oral Roberts University and forged a close relationship that continued until his death in November 2014. The founding group initially consisted of Dr. Munroe, Dr. Richard Pinder and Henry Francis and their wives and later included Pastor Jay Mullings and several other early leaders of the ministry.

Pastor Dave and Angie served as the first Youth Pastors of BFM helping to pioneer many programs and events both locally and internationally. These events included Youth Alive, Peace on the Streets, Operation Burnout and Talent Jam attracting thousands of youth including many from gangs and troubled backgrounds. They also mentored and coached many young persons to positions of prominence in the Bahamas including Medical Doctors, Politicians, Business and Community Leaders. Pastor Dave also served as one of the founding Vice Presidents of the non profit corporation Bahamas Faith Ministries International and later served as Vice President of Myles Munroe International, a global entity that executed all aspects of Dr. Munroe’s global ministry.

Pastor Dave traveled with Dr. Munroe for many years and followed him in international ministry and writing books. Pastor Dave has traveled as a conference speaker, consultant and youth and family specialist to many cities and countries including the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many other areas of the world. He is the author of seventeen books and served as executive producer of 5 movies and three music soundtracks. His works include the Laws of Good Success, Transformational Leadership, Kingdom Parenting (co-written with Dr. Munroe), Strategies for Saving the Next Generation and Keys to Relationship and Marriage Success (co-written with his wife Angela).

Together Pastor Dave and Angie have served Bahamas Faith Ministries in many capacities for over 35 years ascending to the position of Senior Pastors with the passing of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder. They have taken the baton and continued the original vision of BFM building on the initial mandate to “Transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change”, and spreading the message of the Kingdom throughout the world. Under their leadership BFM continues to be a local church with a global vision and impact embracing followers and members from over 50 countries.

Pastor Dave and Angie have two children Arri Burrows and Davrielle Burrows.

Pastors Kersch and Suzette Darville


Pastors Kersch and Suzette Darville have been followers and members of BFM since the early ‘80s. Pastor Kersch became a member in 1984 and Pastor Suzette subsequently became a member in 1985. They both gave their lives to Christ in 1982 and have been serving the Lord since that time.
As singles attending BFM, they were drawn to each other and fell in love in 1987. After dating for two years they were married in 1989. Out of this marriage were birthed their two children, Ashley Brittany and Eric John.

This couple from the very beginning of their relationship with God felt His call upon their lives. Consequently, they had a desire to minister to those around them and to anyone who would listen. Over the years they realized that God had given them the gift of teaching, so they made themselves available to serve in this area. Pastor Kersch ministered the Word to men at his home, and in small groups; whilst Pastor Suzette ministered through song and drama. Later, they were given the opportunity to share the word as small group leaders and Youth Pastors under the leadership of Pastors Dave and Angela Burrows.

For a time Pastor Kersch assisted with the Billy Graham Association where he developed a heart for counseling and leading people to Christ. Both he and Pastor Suzette became involved in the Counseling ministry of BFM for many years under the leadership of Pastor Henry Francis. They were further activated in ministry in the early ‘90s by Dr. Myles Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder serving as Elders, Associate Ministers, and Pastors. Over the years they both served as Presidents of the Men’s and Women’s ministry of BFM.
Presently, Pastor Suzette serves as the Women Of Excellence Ministry’s President. In this role, her desire is to see the women activated in their gifting and purpose.

Prior to serving in ministry, both Pastors Kersch and Suzette worked in the Financial Services industry as bankers in The Bahamas. During this time they obtained a wealth of knowledge in Banking and Finance. This knowledge they now use to ensure that BFM remains solvent as a ministry and operates efficiently and effectively as an organization and church.
On April 20th, 2014, Dr. Myles Munroe laid hands on them and appointed them as Fellowship Pastors of Bahamas Faith Ministries. After his demise in November 2014, they were activated as Fellowship Pastors; the position to which they now serve.

Pastors Kersch and Suzette desire is to see all the followers and members of BFM discover their divine purpose in life and to follow the leading of God under the power of the Holy Spirit in order to live out their divine mandate and calling.

Drs. Raymond & Brook Eneas

Our Campus Pastors

Dr. Raymond Eneas was born on the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. He is a gifted speaker and author who champions the message of the Kingdom and leadership development too many audiences both nationally and internationally. His latest book, Leadership Principles of Good Success, has been transformational in the lives of many. He is the Pastor of two campuses including Church of Compassion in Orlando, Florida and Bahamas Faith Ministries International in Freeport Bahamas and also the CEO of Higher Level Solutions Book Publishing company. Dr. Eneas has a Master’s of Science Degree in Leadership, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Technology and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology. He and his beautiful wife, Brook, work together in business and ministry and are the grateful parents to their two sons, Chancellor and Jaiden.

Pastor Brook inspires women and girls to get clarity on their purpose using clear, simple life principles. She has an uncommon gift to teach women and girls to live their dreams through her passion as an author, fitness coach and speaker. For more than a decade, Brook’s contagious optimism and profound knowledge have helped people take back their sense of natural dominion and achieve their dreams.

Combined, her 5 books have been sold around the nation and on international platforms. She is the CEO of the Rock the Stage Girl Online Fitness Company where she coaches high visibility clients including several Miss USA’s, national TV hosts and models and works alongside her amazing husband, Raymond, in ministry across two campuses. They homeschool their incredible sons, Chancellor Princeton and Jaiden
Christopher, and they enjoy modeling professionally and travel.